When I was born they didn’t trim my nails at the hospital, I was carried home with my little brittle claws. That was in 1999.

The image you see on the left, that’s me; 21 years old, trying to focus on the camera without my glasses.

One of the first things I remember drawing is a small comic, about a kidnapper, trying to negotiate a deal with the kidnapped child’s parents.

As you have probably noticed I love black and white. I first fell in love with it while reading manga as a teenager, later on I got interested in bw photography and film.

Later on, fantasy and science fiction books have fueled my interest for the magic and the alchemy.

I’ve bought my first Tarot deck 2 years ago and never seriously thought about creating my own. I used it as a starting point for writing down my thoughts. But as I was reevaluating my past and my future, considering even to stop drawing, creating it became The Fool’s leap of faith.

And I landed.

If you plan to take a leap of faith, let me know, I may want to jump with you.

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This deck was created in the fall of 2020.