Hi. This is Mariami, 22 (as of February 2021), an illustrator currently interested in the worldbuilding. Half a year ago, I decided to create my own Tarot deck. Now I present to you 78 cards, or Arcana as they are called.

Conjuring the worlds of my
past I gave them their present form, for they are to guide me in the future.

Like most of the newer Tarot decks this one is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith 1909 deck. It consists of two parts: Major and Minor Arcana (Arcanum means a card). Each Major Arcanum depicts a scene, mostly featuring a person or several people. There are 22 of them.                                   

01 Magus
02 Priestess
03 Empress
04 Emperor
05 Hierophant
06 Lovers
07 Chariot
08 Strength

09 Hermit
10 Wheel of Time

11 Justice
12 Hanged Man
13 The Death
14 Temperance
15 Devil

16 Tower
17 Star

18 Moon
19 Sun
20 Judge
 21 Universe

The Fool numbered 0 can be viewed as the starting point. As it journeys through the Major Arcana it encounters 21 stages. At the start of his trip, the Fool is a newborn - spontaneous.  In the end it reenters the Universe (21), but this time with a more complete understanding.                               

00 The Fool
+ The back of the cards
The Fool is usually interpreted as the protagonist of a story, and the Major Arcana is the path the Fool takes through the great mysteries of life and the main human archetypes.

Most people encounter Tarot through this card, as I have. It stands for the Unlimited potential: not here not there. It’s the leap of faith one takes when starting out on a journey.

For me, when creating this deck the Fool was the card I looked forward to anxiously. As it had been the strongest link between me and the world of Tarot.

The back of the cards was one of the last pieces to be done.

It had to be abstract as the reader of the cards has to distinguish the cards quickly.

Therefore, it has more contrast in terms of the form and the tone, while leaving the subject up to the interpretation.

© 2021 Titlikana Tarots
This deck was created in the fall of 2020.